North America’s prairies evolved over thousands of years, with deep-rooted plants creating the rich black soil that has produced crops for years. However, it took more than prairie plants to develop this resource. Bison played an important part in the process. 

As bison graze, they keep the ecosystem in check. Their waste nourishes the soil and hoof movement tills the ground burying seeds and creating small pockets in the earth that hold much needed moisture.

Another benefit to the natural cycle of plant growth and grazing is the effect on climate change. Mass grazing by herds of animals traps carbon from greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, sending it back to the soil.

In keeping with the local food movement and sustainable gardening, the Vermilion County Master Gardeners have invited David and Carol Harden owners of Harden Ranch in Fairmount to discuss the benefits of bison to our environment and health. The Harden’s will discuss the benefits of a bison ranch in regard to soil, pollinators and sustainable farming.

This free program will be held on November 11, from 6-7p.m. at the Danville Public Library.

While there is no charge to attend, we ask that participants register so they have adequate handouts. 

Register online at the University of Illinois Extension website   or by calling 217.442.8615.

University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If someone needs a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please contact Vermilion County office 217-442-8615.  Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting your access needs.