Kenny Clarkston III

Kenny Clarkston III is a Junior at Westville High School and he is the September Westville High School Student of the Month.

Kenny is an ambassador to the town of Westville.  He exemplifies what it is to be a good student, citizen, and human being. Through Boy Scouts of America, Kenny has created friendships across the globe while he created friendships in his town.

Kenny is a team player: participating in Golf, Band, and Basketball.

He is always ready to have a chuckle in the WHS halls or an interesting conversation in class.   Kenny not only built the bridge at Forest Glen for his Eagle Scout Project, but he also builds bridges of friendship through kindness.

Kenny is a typical teen as he enjoys fishing and hanging out. However, when other teens struggle with mapping out their career paths, Kenny confidently knows his goals.  

When he discusses his favorite class, Trig/Pre-Cal, he smiles then explains how he loves math. When asked who is his most influential person, Kenny immediately replied, “Uncle Steven Martin”.  His Uncle Steve is a Physician Assistant - who preaches that it doesn’t matter where you came from - as long as you have the drive and determination - you can achieve anything. Kenny has taken this message to heart.  After obtaining his Eagle Scout rank and his future goal of acquiring a private pilot’s license from Danville’s Wings and Rotors, Kenny plans on joining the United States Air Force.  

Kenneth Clarkston III is changing the world - one nail at a time.  WHS is proud of Kenny’s decisions and so are his parents, Chrissy & Kenny Clarkston and troop leader Grandma Karen.

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