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Photo by Jordan Crook

The Hoopeston Rotary Club announced plans to purchase new kitchen equipment for the Hoopeston Multi-Agency using a Rotary District grant during last week’s club meeting. Pictured from left to right are: Bill Nicholls, Christi Langellier, Jim Bowers, Mike Drollinger, Karla Coon and Beth Knecht.

The Hoopeston Multi-Agency will have new equipment for their kitchen space in the near future thanks to the Hoopeston Rotary Club.

During the club’s Dec. 3 meeting, Rotary President Karla Coon announced that the club had obtained a $2,000 grant from the Rotary District 6490.

Coon said the Rotary District grant is funded by donations from Rotarians to the Rotary Foundation throughout the year.

Coon wrote the grant request with the Hoopeston Multi-Agency’s kitchen in mind as the agency’s appliances are not suited to the Multi-Agency’s current needs.

The Rotary Club presented a dinner at Multi-Agency last year, Coon said, and the members noticed how frustrating some of the appliances were to use. She also pointed out that one of the stoves could only be turned on by having someone lie on the floor and awkwardly light the pilot.

“We thought what could we do with money from a grant from the district and our first thought was let’s work to help the Multi-Agency,” Coon said.

Coon said she laid out all of the great things that the Multi-Agency does for the community in the grant application and pointed out that improvements for the Multi-Agency’s facility tend to be put on the back-burner in favor of helping others.

“You don’t budget for those things,” Coon told Multi-Agency Director Beth Knecht and Board Member Bill Nicholls. “So that’s why we wanted to provide a means for you to upgrade the kitchen.”

Coon said she spoke with Multi-Agency representatives about how the grant could be best utilized in the kitchen and they determined the best course would be to replace the stove that is in there currently.

Coon said she had spoken with Todd Rush at Sheridan’s and received quotes for two residential-type stoves to replace it. Coon said they will also get the wall oven fixed as well since it had also created some issues.

Beyond that, Coon said, the Rotary will also purchase roasters and a beverage dispenser for the Multi-Agency kitchen, which were also on the Multi-Agency’s wish list.

“We’re trying to do, essentially, everything you said it would nice to have,” she said. “We’re really excited to be able to do this.”

Coon said the Rotary Club will cover any extra costs that the grant doesn’t cover.