Georgetown Historical Society hosting historical style show

Rose Hawkins, Correspondent

Vintage clothing and military uniforms from three centuries, historic tidbits from the Georgetown area and the church in which the show is held, along with a home-made hot meal.

This is what you will get at the Georgetown Historical Society’s Style Show and Luncheon at the Georgetown United Methodist Church.

The style show will take place on April 14 and starts at 11 am on the street level, with the luncheon following immediately in the lower level.

Tickets are on sale from Historical Society Board members, at the Public Library and the Longview Bank in Georgetown, for just $20.

You can choose from four genres of dining: the Maple House Hotel (come to learn more about this business of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.), The Garden Room (dine among the beautiful array of flowers), The Wedding Reception (lovely frills of by-gone days), and The Movie Star Room (classic movie stars of the 1900’s).

A variety of Silent Auction items will entice you to secure the highest bid in order to win the items of your choice, such as a Bucket of Coke items, a flower basket, gift cards to local merchants and a home-baked pie - to name just a few.

You can check back on the bidding before and after the style show and after the luncheon. Winners will be announced at 1 pm.

Proceeds will go to the Georgetown Historical Society for operating costs, landscaping and other maintenance projects.

Donations are also accepted.

Make checks payable to the Georgetown Historical Society, and can be mailed to P O Box 14, Georgetown, IL 61846.

The church is located at 400 N Main Street, Georgetown.


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