Westville Labor Day Parade grand marshals focused on helping the younger generation

by Rose Hawkins

Grand Marshall of the Westville Labor Day Parade, Alan “Mac” Mackewicz has been a Westville Police Officer for several years. He is always polite and considerate of others, is a volunteer in youth sports, and a “go-to guy”. 

Mac is a Cardinals fan by choice, but for the parade is wearing a Cubs T-shirt in honor of a bet he lost to good friend, Tyler Karuzis. Tyler was killed in a motorcycle accident recently.

Riding with him in the parade was his wife, Marla, and daughters Myla and Ally. The parade is just one way that Mac and Marla are celebrating their 18th Wedding Anniversary.

“This is a great honor,” Mac said humbly. “I really appreciate it, and the support from everyone. I am very blessed!”

Honorary Marshall Linda Chernausky was been a teacher for 34 years, teaching mostly first grade. “She put her heart into teaching,” a friend declared. 

She is now retired and fills in as a substitute teacher.

“It is very humbling and quite an honor to be chosen as Honorary Marshall. Westville is the best town ever! And in lots of ways! There are lots of caring people.” She said, fighting back tears.

Honorary Marshall Karen Martin who was coach of Girls’ Softball for ten years, and now is a Scout leader, says: “It’s a great honor to be chosen. I don’t feel worthy, there are others much more deserving than I am.  I don’t do much with Scouts, I line things up, and they do the work.” 

(But friends say different - “She gives of her time, talents and patience.”) 

Karen added, “Every child should be in Scouts. They learn so much! So many things, like survival, sewing, crafts, making repairs at home and more. They wouldn’t get those things anywhere else.”

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