Free Rack Locations

In Danville: Big Lots, BP Gas, Cahills, County Market N. Vermilion location, CVS Bowman & Main, DACC, Danville Liquors, Danville Public Library, Days Inn, Deluxe Restaurant, El Toro, U.S. Courthouse, News-Gazette, Priceless Foods, Rich's Family Restaurant, Short Stop Gas, Towne Centre, VA Canteen, Village Gardens, WalMart, Leons Restaurant @ Madison Square

In Chrisman: Chrisman Family Market

In Sidell: Lucas Grocery, Brick St. Cafe

In Oakwood: at the Bank, Caseys, Colonial Pantry, Laundrymat, Library, Oaks Bar & Grill, Oakwood Family Market and Oakwood Truck Stop

In Indiana: Generations Cafe, Covington. Rt. 36/71 Gas Station in Dana; Cayuga Red & White, Cayuga, Kingman Red & White, KingmanFre